Hiking trails

Hiking trails are right thing for guests who want an active holiday full of surprises and original experience, with the possibility of recreation and enjoyment of natural beauty.

We present you the map made by "A & V Center for encouraging tourism, " featuring the 12 selected walking paths with their characteristics so that the walker may individually feel right at home in the area of Budva hinterland.

In addition to the existing but improved track on the map are clearly marked and well-kept paths and trails and useful information for her tour and visit along the way cultural and historical monuments, buildings,old villages, and unforgettable vantage points.

With all this, nature lovers may be familiar with typical or rare species of flora and fauna of this region.Paths can be used in sports and recreation (jogging, trim, biking, etc..) and they are attractive for specific tourist groups such as hikers, environmentalists, and other pointers.