Food and Wine

There is a large number of hospitality facilities of rich and variable offer: from café bars and terraces, candy shops, pizzerias to inns and restaurants of national and international type.

Beside many meals from international menu, specific meals of continental and maritime Montenegrin meals such as: pršut, cheese from oil, olives, sea fish ( San Piero, dentex, gold-fish, sea bass, barbun fish, mackerel, mullet, sardine…), crawfish and mollusks (lobster, prawn, octopus, squids), seashells(date-shell, muscles), as river and lake fish (carp, eel, trout , bleak).

All traditional meals are offered with traditional drinks:  Montenegrin rakia (Prvijenac and  Kruna), white vines(Krstač, Chardonnay and Sauvignon) and red vines(Vranac, Vranac Procordem, Vranac Reserve, Vranac Baroche, Merlot and Cabernet).For those who love oriental meals there is Chinese restaurants “Hong Kong” and “Shanghai” in the Old town and Japanese restaurant “Promenada” situated in hotel Splendid in Bečići.