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Old town

The main attraction of Budva's Old Town complex is surrounded by ancient walls. Here is preserved seaside citadel from the fifteenth century which is located in the southern part of the old city, built on the ruins of earlier fortifications from previous centuries. City fortress which is often changed shape and size now is the landmark of Budva set for the cultural events of Budva City Theatre. It is truly a pleasure to look from Citadel all cultural events, famous drama from  local and world writers, because at that same location was a  historical drama.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan in the world known for its beauty, architecture and comfort .The beach is a place of history mixed with harmonious and beautiful natural surroundings. Streets, walls, roofs and facades retained its historic appearance, while the interiors of houses are decorated with modern amenities. St.Stefan is attractive combination of ancient and luxurious environment, and represents the most luxurious resort in Montenegro. Because of its uniqueness, Sveti Stefan became extremely well known."National Geographic Traveler" - the declared one of "50 Places of a Lifetime.

Fortress Kosmač

Close to Budva next to to the village Brajići, at an altitude of 800 m there is a fortress Kosmac. The fortress was built between 1841-1850. Ground floor, basement  floors, the whole buildings occupying an area of 1064m2. Kosmac, formerly Austrian fortress, which was a border between Austria-Hungary and Montenegro, today is a special place to visit. Kosmac is owned by the Republic Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture of Montenegro.

St. Nicholas Island

Island of St. Nicholas is the largest in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea. Its 2km in length and with its geographical position closes the bay of Budva. From island to the Slovenska beach stretches shallow, which at the time of tide is only 0.50 m deep .For the shallow water there is a legend that  St.Sava moving to Mount Athos from Budva, was unable to board the ship because of large wave and he threw a few stones and made a shallow spot where he went over and boarded the galley.