Scuba-diving in Budva is a special experience, and the numerous scuba-diving clubs settled along the Riviera of Budva will enable you to experience it. They organize scuba-diving courses and visits to attractive locations for you.

Near the shore the depth is not higher than 35m and from that point it becomes sandy bottom. Underwater rocks are rich with flora; colonies of gorgonians and corals, while the sandy bottom is covered with sidania. Divers also have an opportunity to take photos of flocks of dentex, gold-fish, cantor, mullet and other fish, while the examples of big krnia fish, conger eel, moray eel, gull fish, ray and lobster are rare.

Summer temperature of the sea is mostly from 21-25° C, which makes scuba-diving comfortable, and the temperature during the winter rarely goes under13°C. The salinity of the sea is 36 pro milles and the range of visibility 15-35m.

Pleasant and hot sea, rich flora and fauna, placed Budva in the scale of the most favorite destinations of the divers. Those who have never tried scuba-diving can experience it just like the professionals do that. All you need is will and the excitement will never be ended.