Carrying food and drinks into Montenegro

Food which is used during the trips in any means of transport is not necessarily a subject of examination if it is part of passenger’s luggage and is meant to be used during the trip by a passenger.

The food in its sorts and amounts from these regulations can be carried into Montenegro if it is food for babies or dietetic food used for health reasons and under the condition that those products do not demand a special way of storage. Those products must have declaration and unharmed package, except in case where they are used during the trip.

Tourists in their luggage can have dried fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, row coffees, spices, teas in total weight of 1 kilogram, and 1 liter of alcohol drink in its original package and with the declaration.

It is allowed to carry in 2 liters of other drink, which also must have a declaration and must have original package. It is also allowed carrying in of 5 liters of bottled water in its original package.

Combination of food and other food which is packed, declared, meant to be used directly from the consumer, which does not demand special temperature way of storage, in original package, unless it is used during the trip, can be carried in total weight of 1 kilogram- sandwiches, biscuits and other products.

****** The announcement about the food which can be carried in Montenegro will be emphasized on visible places on the borders.