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The Riviera of Budva has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild but rainy winter and long dry summers.


Average temperature in January is around 8ºC,  while in July it is around 28.3ºC.


Budva has 2,300 sunny hours a year, which makes it the top tourism metropolis in the Mediterranean. The temperature of the sea is from 11.7 in February, up to 24.7 in August. In the period from May to October the temperature of the sea is about 18ºC, meaning that swimming season lasts almost six months.

Winds which most often blow are: sea wind (north wind, it blows from the continent and can have the speed of 12-15m in second), south wind and south wind (blows from the sea and brings rain and cloudy weather), landward breeze (blows in summer, refreshes worm summer days and it is convenient for sailing).